The SandVault CycleStation is a control and communications system for community shared-use bicycle operations (“bikeshare” systems). It provides full-featured management control, revenue control, user reporting and interactive user features including remote web browser access.

CycleStation is the first public use bicycle system to feature wireless installation by using GPRS communication and solar power. The control system is a commercial product available to public and private operators and can be used with a range of bicycle designs, or with a fleet of mixed design.

The Station

- Wireless communication
- Solar powered with battery back-up
- Vandalism resistant
- Scalable
- RFID and GPS
- Comes with a comprehensive warrantee

The Software

- Real-time, role-based access dashboard
- Robust database for user-customized reporting
- Multiple languages enabled

The Bike

- Two key partners based on the unique needs of your marketplace.