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Our SmartVend solution is made for your vending needs and has already been adapted for a variety of applications including Parking and Water.

SmartVend for Parking

Designed to integrate into OEM parking machines, the SmartKit Hybrid (SKH) supports both magnetic stripe and chip card payment options. Chip options include contact and contactkless and include support for the PayPass / PayWave credit card standards. SKH can process the card payment transaction internally or it can pass card data to the host machine for other card processing options. Similar payment terminal configurations can be developed for nearly any target machine


The WaterStation system includes a payment terminal and valve control system for bulk water sales stations. Designed for self-serve operation at unattended locations, the controller combines ease of use with secure, reliable operation. The controller accepts QI stored value smart cards for payment so money is not stored in the payment terminal.

WaterStation Controller features a card acceptor, a user keypad and a backlit Liquid Crystal Display. Water pump management is quick and reliable. The Water Controller will validate a Cash Card and authorize the transaction in just a few seconds. It will then monitor the flow of fluid through the system, and cut off supply when the pre-paid amount has been dispensed.

The SANDVAULT CycleStation is a control and communication system for community shared-use bicycle operations(“bikeshare” systems).