SandVault announces CycleStation Campus

The first public bike share system designed for corporate & academic campuses 

As the PBS market has grown in the last several years, the need for solutions tailored to specific markets has become obvious. SandVault Group Global Solutions, the first public bike share (PBS) company in North America and providers of PBS systems in three countries on two continents, today announced the launch of CycleStation Campus. 

Corporate and academic campuses have needs and requirements unique to their environment. PBS systems have been designed for public spaces where infrastructure is required for payment processing and engaging with the public, advertisers and sponsors. This has made the cost prohibitive to implement as a campus PBS system, but with open campuses locking infrastructure and the ability to use passcards for employees and/or students is a must to mitigate vandalism. Campuses require a PBS system that allows for quick and easy access of bikes, the ability to restrict use to those you should use it and reduce theft, and all at a reasonable cost. The time is right for SandVault’s CycleStation Campus. 

CycleStation Campus is the first PBS system that enables campuses to get exactly what’s needed at the price they can afford. CycleStation Campus allows for secure bike docking and employee/student passcard access directly at the bike. Clients have the option to add payment kiosks, ad panels, and helmet dispensing as CycleStation Campus adds the benefit of being extendable with SandVault’s CycleStation and HelmetStation. This keeps the system light and cost effective. Of course, CycleStation Campus is based on the first solar powered PBS system in North America with over 6 years of operational use ensure years of dependability and ongoing innovation.

 “Like all transportation markets, public bike share is an industry with a range of customers having specialized needs” said Rick Murray, President of Sandvault. “SandVault is proud to launch a system that will enable corporate and academic campuses to quickly and easily make bikeshare a part of how they move their people around, in the way and the price that works for them.”