CBC NEWS – Vancouver bike share going forward despite Montreal flop

The impending bankruptcy of Montreal-based bike-sharing company Bixi has one Vancouver city councillor questioning the City of Vancouver’s plans for a multi-million-dollar bike-sharing program  Yesterday it was announced that the company that owns Bixi owes $50 million to various creditors, including the City of Montreal and the company is headed for bankruptcy. Read More      

Spokies Station - Auto Alley

Oklahoma City’s bike share program

Oklahoma City’s bike share program provides visitors, employees and residents with an environmentally-friendly, healthy and affordable transportation option for the downtown area. Spokies provides daily, monthly and annual memberships, each of which allow users unlimited 30-minute rides. Additional time can be purchased at a rate of $2 per half hour. See More



SandVault announces CycleStation Campus

The first public bike share system designed for corporate & academic campuses  As the PBS market has grown in the last several years, the need for solutions tailored to specific markets has become obvious. SandVault Group Global Solutions, the first public bike share (PBS) company in North America and providers of PBS systems in three […]

SandVault announces HelmetStation

The first integrated Helmet dispensing system for public bike share!  In response to the growing demand to offer helmets as a choice in public bike share (PBS) systems,. SandVault Group Global Solutions today announced the launch of HelmetStation, the industry’s first fully integrated helmet dispensing system.  As with any industry, there are multiple customer segments […]