CBC NEWS – Vancouver bike share going forward despite Montreal flop

The impending bankruptcy of Montreal-based bike-sharing company Bixi has one Vancouver city councillor questioning the City of Vancouver’s plans for a multi-million-dollar bike-sharing program 

Yesterday it was announced that the company that owns Bixi owes $50 million to various creditors, including the City of Montreal and the company is headed for bankruptcy.

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When Bike Planners Travel…

When the average American goes on vacation, it’s usually to get away from the everyday routine of work, life and everything else. If the trend were true, you’d find me on the NASCAR circuit kicking back in the parking lots outside a rented RV, whooopin’ it up. – See more


SandVault announces CycleStation Campus

The first public bike share system designed for corporate & academic campuses 

As the PBS market has grown in the last several years, the need for solutions tailored to specific markets has become obvious. SandVault Group Global Solutions, the first public bike share (PBS) company in North America and providers of PBS systems in three countries on two continents, today announced the launch of CycleStation Campus. 

Corporate and academic campuses have needs and requirements unique to their environment. PBS systems have been designed for public spaces where infrastructure is required for payment processing and engaging with the public, advertisers and sponsors. This has made the cost prohibitive to implement as a campus PBS system, but with open campuses locking infrastructure and the ability to use passcards for employees and/or students is a must to mitigate vandalism. Campuses require a PBS system that allows for quick and easy access of bikes, the ability to restrict use to those you should use it and reduce theft, and all at a reasonable cost. The time is right for SandVault’s CycleStation Campus. 

CycleStation Campus is the first PBS system that enables campuses to get exactly what’s needed at the price they can afford. CycleStation Campus allows for secure bike docking and employee/student passcard access directly at the bike. Clients have the option to add payment kiosks, ad panels, and helmet dispensing as CycleStation Campus adds the benefit of being extendable with SandVault’s CycleStation and HelmetStation. This keeps the system light and cost effective. Of course, CycleStation Campus is based on the first solar powered PBS system in North America with over 6 years of operational use ensure years of dependability and ongoing innovation.

 “Like all transportation markets, public bike share is an industry with a range of customers having specialized needs” said Rick Murray, President of Sandvault. “SandVault is proud to launch a system that will enable corporate and academic campuses to quickly and easily make bikeshare a part of how they move their people around, in the way and the price that works for them.”



SandVault announces HelmetStation

The first integrated Helmet dispensing system for public bike share! 

In response to the growing demand to offer helmets as a choice in public bike share (PBS) systems,. SandVault Group Global Solutions today announced the launch of HelmetStation, the industry’s first fully integrated helmet dispensing system. 

As with any industry, there are multiple customer segments and cycling is no different. The same holds true for PBS. Bicycle helmets are used in every city in the world. In every market the adoption rate varies, but where helmets are optional cities generally see 4% to 30% usage rates. For a PBS system, this can represent a significant market opportunity that can be lost if helmets are not provided. Where a mandatory helmet law for all ages is in place, providing helmets is a must. As PBS systems are all about spontaneous low cost short trips, the availability of helmets must support that model. 

HelmetStation, built on SandVault’s highly successful CycleStation, is the first PBS system that enables the seamless delivery of helmets at the PBS station. Key features include: at station helmet dispensing and return, integrated into the payment kiosk; one stop, one payment for customers; customizable user interface for helmet law/choice; options for helmet rental or sale; minimum moving parts for maximum reliability, and maximum simplicity on stocking and retrieval. Simply put, these features and workflow have been specifically designed to support the use of a PBS – spontaneous, efficient, and low cost.  

“HelmetStation continues our push to provide solutions tailored to specific market needs” said Rick Murray, President of Sandvault. “SandVault is proud to launch a system that will allow systems that want or need to provide helmets to do so with an optimized user-centric approach, and at a reasonable cost”. 


For more information, please contact:  604-278 9500

Tulsa Townies upgrades with SandVault

This summer, the popular Tulsa Townies automated bicycle sharing program will feature three newly upgraded bicycle access stations at their current locations along Tulsa’s River Parks. These access stations are located along Riverside Drive at 19th, 41st and 96th Streets. Installation of the new system is scheduled to begin in late June or early July.

Founded in 2007 by Saint Francis Health System and Tulsa Townies, LLC, the Tulsa Townies program provides rental stations for its distinctive pink bicycles for River Parks visitors ages 18 years or older. With a $10 credit card deposit, use of the Tulsa Townies is free as long as the bicycles are returned within 24-hours. The improved automated rental stations will be camera-monitored, solar powered and will also include new radio frequency identification (RFID) recognition technology. The maintenance regimen will also be upgraded.

River Parks is a great place to have fun, exercise and enjoy the Tulsa area and the Townies give local visitors another amenity to enjoy along River Parks. We just want to make it easier to enjoy this amenity,” said Tom Cooper, a member of Tulsa Townies, LLC. “We expect that the new bicycle rental and locking system will be much easier to use.” River Parks Executive Director Matt Meyer added, “The Townies program is a way for people to engage in an active lifestyle which River Parks encourages. With these improvements, we anticipate an increase in the number of riders.”
The new technology updates will also allow users of the Tulsa Townies the ability to visit the website from any handheld or personal computer and find real time availability of the bicycles.
Providing an improved service to the users of the Tulsa Townies is important to us”, Cooper said. “Even though we’ve had almost 30,000 users since inception, there has been room for improvement.
The technology for the update is provided by SandVault Group of Vancouver, British Columbia and the specialized bikes are from Worksman of New York City. The technology is similar to that used successfully on a large scale in Miami Beach, Florida ( as well as in Golden, British Columbia. “Tulsa has really been a trendsetter”, said Rick Murray, President of SandVault. “The original Tulsa Townies program in the River Parks was the first fully automated bike share system in North America. It was also the first bike share anywhere to use solar power and GPRS communication to allow freedom of location. At SandVault we are delighted to have this opportunity to keep the Tulsa Townies program at the leading edge of bike share technology”, he said.