Spinway selects SandVault proven technology with helmet solution!

Spinway has selected SandVault Group Global Solutions as their partner for rolling out a public bike share systems for the public transportation and tourism markets across Australia.

Public Bike Shares are the fastest growing form of urban transportation. Since the first systems were launched in 2005, more than 270 cities globally have adopted “PBS” systems.

“We selected SandVault as our bike share technology partner based on their ability to meet and surpass our needs” said Matthew Rennie, Spinway’s CEO “SandVault’s experience, flexibility, and option to integrate a helmet solution put them at the top of our list.”

Spinway will be implementing the latest version of SandVault’s Cyclestation system, the industry’s leading platform for public bike share. “We’re thrilled to welcome Spinway into our partner community” said Rick Murray, President of SandVault. “Having Spinway choose SandVault based on our proven track record and recent innovations validate our on-going customer and product research and development.”

The first shipment of CycleStation will occur in 2011 with future expansion already planned.

About Spinway Pty Ltd

Spinway is Australia’s first high tech bike sharing company changing the way people travel around town. Spinway’s competitive advantage is that it provides a fully automatic helmet solution for Australia’s compulsory helmet laws. For more information, please go to: www.spinway.com.au

For more information, please contact

Matthew Rennie, Spinway Pty Ltd
+61 414 090 415